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Standardized. Cost-Effective. Accessible.

The Portland Company’s line of Assemble To Order (ATO) packing equipment is designed to make your process flow perfectly. Our approach offers a cost-effective solution that reduces lead time when standardized equipment will meet the needs of your plant. And, our packing equipment is backed by Haver & Boecker, bringing experience and quality that is well-known and trusted worldwide.

Equipment ready assembled with uncompromising quality. Learn more about the ATO approach and the opportunities for your plant. Contact us today.


Borrowing its name from the strong and powerful panther, this rotary packer brings streamlined and optimized performance to your plant. The Panthera offers a fixed predefined machine configuration for plants needing quick delivery and installation and an efficient and economical solution that doesn’t compromise quality.

    • Advance production rates with market-leading technology
    • Fill your bulk goods cleanly with dedusting at the spout
    • Improve weight accuracy with a sliding gate dosing unit
    • Ensure machine availability and reduce maintenance with a lower number of wear parts


In its South African habitat, the cheetah is sleek and consistent, adapting its speed for accurate results. The Cheetah automatic bag placer offers speed and consistency tailored to your product and the filling machine for a safe and reliable process. 

    • Maximize the output of your packing line with enhanced automation
    • Adapt to any style of valve bag with changeover to various bag types and sizes
    • Optimize production with accurate bag placement and high application rates


Strong and stalwart like the animal that shares its name, the Rhino loader offers an innovative and robust alternative to enhance efficiency with a manual loading system. The loader provides a strong and efficient system for delivering packed material onto trucks and ready for sale. 

    • Reduce operator strain and risk of injury with a hydraulic lifting system
    • Increase efficiency with an optional manual slewing loading belt

LYNX-PACKER LVT – Stationary Packer

Marked by reliable performance and efficient production, our Lynx Packer LVT features the speed and adaptability that match the animal which shares its name. This stationary packer is expandable up to four spouts and offers quick, high-quality packing for nearly any application.

    • Adapt to your plant requirements with a manual or automatic bag drop
    • Ensure accurate material filling with the MEC® 4.0 weighing system
    • Safeguard product quality and cleanliness with dedusting at the spout
rebuilds upgrades

Rebuilds & Upgrades

Rebuild or upgrade your packing equipment, even from a third-party supplier, with a full range of features from The Portland Company. We offer multiple options for electronic upgrade, mechanical upgrade and integral upgrade with high-quality parts from HAVER & BOECKER. Rebuilds and upgrades can include any of the following to meet the needs of your plant. Our service team will work with you to develop a plan specifically for your equipment.

    • WiFi module for data exchange
    • HAVER & BOECKER control unit MEC® 4.0
    • Load cells replacement
    • HAVER & BOECKER QUAT2RO® System Intelligence
    • Dedicated electrical periphery
    • Data Processing System (DPS)
    • Encoder
    • Solenoid valve replacement
    • Compatible critical spare
    • HMI for operator interface
    • Parts / SMART KITS / complete replacement with filling units of TPC-Design

SMART KITS are compatible with:

    • FLS type EVO
    • FLS type PLUS

We Know What We Do and We Do What We Know!

We master the interaction between product, packing and machine technology and combine it with more than 135 years of machine development and manufacturing. This is the basis of our expertise and the starting point to make your process flow perfectly.


As a Haver & Boecker company, The Portland Company approaches each customer with a comprehensive solution guided by PROcheck.

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Service & Support

All TPC products are manufactured in the same facilities and with the same supply chain as Haver & Boecker and service and replacement parts are provided by the Haver & Boecker service structure.

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The Packing Triangle

The Portland Company customers experience the hollistic approach offered by Haver & Boecker with access to the Haver & Boecker Institute which analyzes all sides of the packing triangle to optimize production.

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